Type Of People That Trade Forex Stocks Crypto

Type of people that trade forex stocks crypto

Many people on Steemit dont come from crypto but actually usual markets - Forex often.
Forex has all KYC/AML, payments need taxes..

Crypto vs Forex - Which Market is Better for Traders?

so this guys came with a solution.

Forex market where you can deposit and withdrawal cryptos without doing any verifications.

Step By Step

  • Register to SimpleFX
  • Go to Deposits and Choose Currency That You Prefer
  • Go to Accounts and Choose to Which Account Deposits Should Be Applied
  • Trade


You can trade with MetaTrader4 (the most popular Forex Trading software) or straight from website.
Its just good to have account on such spot and some funds in, for example if some big news drop about some company.

Ie it gets hacked or so.

Exzcuse my missclicks - just shows im a real person.
Look how many things you can trade - Stocks, Commodities, Forex Pairs and Cryptos.
This is for example LTCJPY.


This site allows leverage trading so even with as little as ie 0.01BTC you can do trades and make nice returns (or looses :).

Type of people that trade forex stocks crypto

Support is very helpful and there is many guides on site.

So in spare time check this platform, its really nice.

Especially if you traded forex before you will like it.

Type of people that trade forex stocks crypto