Forex Ema Crossover System

Forex ema crossover system

3 EMA Crossover Trading Secrets For Any Market

  1. 4. You should set up for yourself a certain maximum sum which you are ready to lose on every trade (risk percentage).

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    It should not be more than10%of the total sum on your account.

  2. 5. Use this formula to calculatethe number of trade contracts:

  3. The testing results ofWeb Trading Systemhave shown that maximum losses on oneCHFtrading contract were$550.

  4. 6.

    Forex ema crossover system

    Before starting the real trades, it is better to test any system on demo Forex trading accounts.

  5. Please remember:even the most perfect and ideal Forex trading system in the world will not spare you the necessity of constant market monitoring.

    The combination of your diligent work, discipline, self-control, and Web Trading System will become the basis of your stable profits.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.


Buy whenEMA5 has crossed EMA13from below.

Sell whenEMA5 crosses EMA13from above.Wait until the time interval (selected by you) closes.

Forex ema crossover system

If by this timeEMA5 and EMA13 have crossedeach other, enter the market at the price of opening the following time interval.

When opening the position – at the same time – you shouldplace stop loss order below/above EMA13.4. Close the position in case:

a) the closing price showedcrossing or equality of EMA5 and EMA13;

b) the prices reached the levelof your stop order.

These rules can be applied to all time interval.


However the best results are achieved withone-hour charts.

The following picture illustrates the rules.

  1. To improve the results of your Forex trades, use these crucial rules: Place your stop orders at50 pips levelfromEMA13, binding this level toEMA13movements; of course, if the market trend goes as it was expected.

    This tactics will give you the possibility to avoid non-predictable market movements.

Do not open the position if there is a gap of more than 100 pips between the opening price and the level of stop loss order. This rule will protect you from big market movements which take place during a very short time interval.


Forex ema crossover system

Do not open the position when there is only 1 pip between EMA5 and EMA13. Wait until the time interval is closed with more sufficient difference between EMA5 and EMA13.

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