Australian Forex Market Holidays

Australian forex market holidays

Forex Holidays 2020

If you’re trading on Forex (Stocks), it’s important to know when Forex weekends and National holidays occur.

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Banks (and forex brokers) would not have full services and benefits. Mostly brokers are also not available on holidays.

Australian forex market holidays

On Forex holidays you see low liquidity on market. But after the market opening, activity can rise strongly. This page contains the list of Forex holidays (2020 year) and observances around the world


Bank Holidays Calendar 2020

(Forex Holiday Schedule)


01 Jan 2020New Year’s Day
06 Jan 2020SwitzerlandCHFThree King’s Day Holiday)
06 Jan 2020GermanyEURThree King’s Day Holiday)
06 Jan 2020SpainEUREpiphany
06 Jan 2020ItalyEURLa Befana
13 Jan 2020JapanJPYComing-of-age Day
17 Jan 2020United StatesUSDLee-Jackson Day (Government Holiday)
19 Jan 2020United StatesUSDConfederate Heroes’ Day (Government Holiday)
20 Jan 2020New ZealandNZDWellington Anniversary Day Holiday)
20 Jan 2020United StatesUSDCivil Rights Day (Government Holiday)
20 Jan 2020United StatesUSDMartin Luther King Jr.

Australian forex market holidays


20 Jan 2020United StatesUSDRobert E. Lee’s Birthday (Government Holiday)
22 Jan 2020SpainEURSaint Vincent the Martyr Holiday)
24 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday
25 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year
26 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday
27 Jan 2020AustraliaAUDAustralia Day (in lieu)
27 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday
27 Jan 2020New ZealandNZDAuckland Anniversary Day Holiday)
28 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday
29 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday
30 Jan 2020ChinaCNYChinese New Year Holiday


03 Feb 2020New ZealandNZDNelson Anniversary Day Holiday)
06 Feb 2020New ZealandNZDWaitangi Day
11 Feb 2020JapanJPYNational Foundation Day
12 Feb 2020United StatesUSDLincoln’s Birthday (Government Holiday)
17 Feb 2020CanadaCADFamily Day Holiday)
17 Feb 2020CanadaCADLouis Riel Day Holiday)
17 Feb 2020CanadaCADNova Scotia Heritage Day Holiday)
17 Feb 2020United StatesUSDPresident’s Day Holiday)
23 Feb 2020JapanJPYThe Emperor’s Birthday
24 Feb 2020JapanJPYThe Emperor’s Birthday Holiday
25 Feb 2020United StatesUSDMardi Gras (Government Holiday)
28 Feb 2020SpainEURAndalucía Day Holiday)


01 Mar 2020SwitzerlandCHFRepublic Day Holiday)
01 Mar 2020SpainEURBalearic Day Holiday)
02 Mar 2020AustraliaAUDLabour Day Holiday)
02 Mar 2020United StatesUSDTexas Independence Day (Government Holiday)
03 Mar 2020United StatesUSDTown Meeting Day (Government Holiday)
08 Mar 2020GermanyEURInternational Women’s Day Holiday)
09 Mar 2020AustraliaAUDAdelaide Cup Holiday)
09 Mar 2020AustraliaAUDCanberra Day Holiday)
09 Mar 2020AustraliaAUDLabour Day Holiday)
09 Mar 2020New ZealandNZDTaranaki Anniversary Day Holiday)
16 Mar 2020CanadaCADSt.

Australian forex market holidays

Patrick’s Day (Government Holiday)

17 Mar 2020United KingdomGBPSt. Patrick’s Day Holiday)
19 Mar 2020SwitzerlandCHFSt.

Joseph’s Day Holiday)

19 Mar 2020SpainEURSt.

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Joseph’s Day Holiday)

20 Mar 2020JapanJPYVernal Equinox Day
23 Mar 2020New ZealandNZDOtago Anniversary Day Holiday)
26 Mar 2020United StatesUSDPrince Kuhio Day (Government Holiday)
30 Mar 2020United StatesUSDSeward’s Day (Government Holiday)
31 Mar 2020United StatesUSDCesar Chavez Day (Government Holiday)


02 Apr 2020SwitzerlandCHFNäfelser Fahrt Holiday)
04 Apr 2020ChinaCNYChing Ming Festival
05 Apr 2020ChinaCNYChing Ming Festival Holiday
06 Apr 2020ChinaCNYChing Ming Festival Holiday
09 Apr 2020SpainEURHoly Thursday Holiday)
10 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDGood Friday
10 Apr 2020CanadaCADGood Friday Holiday)
10 Apr 2020SwitzerlandCHFGood Friday
10 Apr 2020GermanyEURGood Friday
10 Apr 2020SpainEURGood Friday
10 Apr 2020FranceEURGood Friday Holiday)
10 Apr 2020United KingdomGBPGood Friday
10 Apr 2020New ZealandNZDGood Friday
10 Apr 2020United StatesUSDGood Friday (Government Holiday)
10 Apr 2020United StatesUSDState Holiday (Government Holiday)
11 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDHoly Saturday Holiday)
12 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDEaster Sunday Holiday)
13 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDEaster Monday
13 Apr 2020CanadaCADEaster Monday Holiday)
13 Apr 2020SwitzerlandCHFEaster Monday Holiday)
13 Apr 2020GermanyEUREaster Monday
13 Apr 2020SpainEUREaster Monday Holiday)
13 Apr 2020FranceEUREaster Monday
13 Apr 2020United KingdomGBPEaster Monday Holiday)
13 Apr 2020ItalyEUREaster Monday
13 Apr 2020New ZealandNZDEaster Monday
14 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDEaster Tuesday (Government Holiday)
14 Apr 2020New ZealandNZDSouthland Anniversary Day Holiday)
16 Apr 2020United StatesUSDEmancipation Day (Government Holiday)
20 Apr 2020CanadaCADSt.

George’s Day (Government Holiday)

20 Apr 2020SwitzerlandCHFSechselauten Holiday)
20 Apr 2020SpainEURFeast of San Vincent Ferrer Holiday)
20 Apr 2020United StatesUSDPatriots Day (Government Holiday)
21 Apr 2020United StatesUSDSan Jacinto Day (Government Holiday)
23 Apr 2020SpainEURCastile and León Community Day Holiday)
23 Apr 2020SpainEURSt.

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George’s Day Holiday)

24 Apr 2020United StatesUSDArbor Day (Government Holiday)
25 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDAnzac Day
25 Apr 2020ItalyEURFeast of St. Mark Holiday)
25 Apr 2020ItalyEURLiberation Day
27 Apr 2020AustraliaAUDAnzac Day (in lieu) Holiday)
27 Apr 2020New ZealandNZDAnzac Day
27 Apr 2020United StatesUSDConfederate Memorial Day (Government Holiday)
28 Apr 2020ItalyEURSardinia Day Holiday)
29 Apr 2020JapanJPYShowa Day


01 May 2020SwitzerlandCHFMay Day Holiday)
01 May 2020ChinaCNYLabour Day
01 May 2020GermanyEURLabour Day
01 May 2020SpainEURLabour Day
01 May 2020FranceEURLabour Day
01 May 2020ItalyEURLabour Day
02 May 2020SpainEURCommunity Festival of Madrid Holiday)
03 May 2020JapanJPYConstitution Memorial Day
04 May 2020AustraliaAUDLabour Day Holiday)
04 May 2020ChinaCNYLabour Day Holiday
04 May 2020JapanJPYGreenery Day
05 May 2020ChinaCNYLabour Day Holiday
05 May 2020JapanJPYChildren’s Day
05 May 2020United StatesUSDPrimary Election Day Indiana (Government Holiday)
06 May 2020JapanJPYConstitution Memorial Day
08 May 2020GermanyEURVictory in Europe Day Holiday)
08 May 2020FranceEURV-E Day
08 May 2020United KingdomGBPEarly May Bank Holiday
08 May 2020United StatesUSDTruman Day (Government Holiday)
11 May 2020United StatesUSDConfederate Memorial Day (Government Holiday)
12 May 2020United StatesUSDPrimary Election Day West Virginia (Government Holiday)
13 May 2020SpainEURSaint Peter de Regalado Holiday)
15 May 2020SpainEURFeast of St.

Australian forex market holidays

Isidro Holiday)

17 May 2020SpainEURGalician Literature Day Holiday)
18 May 2020CanadaCADNational Patriots’ Day Holiday)
18 May 2020CanadaCADVictoria Day Holiday)
21 May 2020SwitzerlandCHFAscension Day
21 May 2020GermanyEURAscension Day
21 May 2020FranceEURAscension Day
25 May 2020United KingdomGBPSpring Bank Holiday
25 May 2020United StatesUSDMemorial Day
30 May 2020SpainEURCanary Islands Day Holiday)
31 May 2020SpainEURCastilla-La Mancha Day Holiday)


01 Jun 2020AustraliaAUDReconciliation Day Holiday)
01 Jun 2020AustraliaAUDWestern Australia Day Holiday)
01 Jun 2020SwitzerlandCHFWhit Monday Holiday)
01 Jun 2020GermanyEURWhit Monday
01 Jun 2020SpainEURWhit Monday Holiday)
01 Jun 2020FranceEURWhit Monday
01 Jun 2020New ZealandNZDQueen’s Birthday
01 Jun 2020United StatesUSDJefferson Davis’ Birthday (Government Holiday)
02 Jun 2020ItalyEURRepublic Day
08 Jun 2020AustraliaAUDQueen’s Birthday Holiday)
09 Jun 2020SpainEURDay of Murcia Holiday)
09 Jun 2020SpainEURLa Rioja Day Holiday)
11 Jun 2020SwitzerlandCHFCorpus Christi Holiday)
11 Jun 2020GermanyEURCorpus Christi Holiday)
11 Jun 2020SpainEURCorpus Christi Holiday)
11 Jun 2020