Virtualbox Ubuntu Monter Ipo Touch

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

Any updates on this jailbreak hack? Its been a year+ since above post.

My kid just got one for Christmas, and it didn't work out of the box, insists that you connect it to iTunes first, stupidly blinking a USB logo at you.

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

Well, we don't have Windows or Mac at home, and thus no iTunes. Took it to an Apple store "Genius Bar", where the "genius" unlocked the thing, and then started some inane argument about how great iTunes is.

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

What a dork. Anyway, it now surfs the web just fine, plays youtube videos, etc.

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to download music onto the thing.

This thread suggests "jailbreaking", but other threads suggest that jailbreaking will void warranty.

Linux: Fix (Workaround) display resolution on Ubuntu 14.04 running on VirtualBox


1) Is there a non-warranty-voiding jailbreak now available?
2) Can I get someone at the Apple store Genuis bar to perform this for me?
3) Besides a jailbreak, are there any other alternatives?

This is like the most expensive gift my 13-year-old has ever gotten, and its been tears and strife and emotional breakdown with both kid and wife since then; my wife is taking this a lot harder than the kid, who sort of glumly holds out hope. This is far and away the suckiest Christmas present of all time, but I'm in this for the long haul, and want to make it right.

Virtualbox ubuntu monter ipo touch

So, (aside from installing a pirated copy of WinXP under VirtualBox to run #$%^ iTunes), what are the options?

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