Upcoming Ipo List 2020 India

Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

Welcome to Upcoming IPO List 2020, here I’ve listed all Upcoming IPOs in India in 2020 along with all recent IPOs.

Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

Upcoming IPOs are those IPO which have been drafted with SEBI or approved by SEBI for listing on market through Exchange.

Upcoming IPOs in India

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Upcoming IPO List 2020

The following New IPOs are scheduled to be open for subscription in the current month.

Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

All upcoming IPOs in India are listed below.

Here is the list of upcoming IPOs in India during 2020:

Recent IPOs in India 2019

The following IPOs have been listed on the market in the recent past with the following data which includes Exchange on being traded, issue date, lot size, issue price and issue size.

All Recent IPOs are listed below:

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Initial Public Offer (IPO), is the first sale of shares by the privately-owned company to the public through the SEBI. The companies going public raises funds through IPO for working capital, debt repayment, acquisitions, and a bunch of other uses by filing RHP (Red Herring Prospectus) to SEBI.

The investor or trader can apply for IPO Stocks by filling an IPO Application Form both online and offline.

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The offline forms are usually available with stockbrokers for free. The investor can also apply for IPO Stocks online through Online Stock Brokers & Net Banking like ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, SBI, Share Khan, Zerodha and Reliance Money.

IPO Terms (Jargons)

  • Exchange: The stock exchange where the IPO shares are proposed to be listed for the first issue.

    Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

    Mainline IPO’s are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). The SME IPO’s are listed on the NSE EMERGE platform of the National Stock Exchange or BSE SME platform of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

  • IPO Open Date / Issue Close Date: The opening and closing date of the IPO bidding process on the respective Exchange.

    Investors can apply for an IPO during this time only on both exchanges.

  • Lot Size: The minimum count of shares an investor can apply for in an IPO like a lot size of ‘200’ means that an investor needs to bid for at least 200 shares of particular IPO.
  • Issue Price: The price per equity share for an IPO.

    Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

    There are 2 types of IPO’s – one is Book Building and second is Fixed Price. Book Building IPOs will have a price range, for example, Rs 120 -125 and investors need to bid within the price range.

    Upcoming ipo list 2020 india

    A fixed price issue has a specific price to bid where investors need to bid on that specific price only.

  • Issue Size: The total monetary value of the IPO is called the Issue Size. It is described by multiplying the total number of shares offered by the company with the issue price per share.

Where to find Upcoming IPO list

You can find the Upcoming IPO list on the Nifty Outlook.

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The Upcoming IPO’s in India for the year are listed here on our IPO Dashboard and it is updated regularly.

Upcoming IPO Conclusion

If you are investing in IPOs than you can find here the list of Upcoming IPOs, Upcoming IPOs in India, IPO List 2020, IPOs in India, Latest IPOs in India, Recent IPOs in India, Best IPOs in India and much more.