Uber Or Lyft Ipo

Uber or lyft ipo

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Dear fellow ants,

This is good time to get some $LYFT put option (people who short bias and grabbed some lotto $LYFT put 2nd week after IPO did make some $$$$).

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Why busting your ass off for $100 - $200/ day when you can make (or lose) so much more through smart investing/ gambling ? ??? If you could, doing both wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Turnover required for ipo

Just my 2 cents.

I don’t drive anymore but for a short time stalking this forum, I have to admit that I love this Dallas sub with many hard working fellows who didn’t troll and tried to help others when needed.

Happy Sunday!!!



Screenshot of a losing position on Friday, stay humble and learn to manage the risk!

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99% of the drivers can barely afford gas to drive and you want them to gamble in the stock market...brilliant
Thanks Mr.Trump, my Friday position when deep ITM this morning.

That’s better than fake surge!

Uber or lyft ipo

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You must be even more happier today..


Uber or lyft ipo

I exited the position a little bit early, would have realized more. Flipping side to calls and Trump is helping me again today!

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Btw $LYFT earnings suck, lost more than $1B Q1???

Might bounce back a little this week but on it way to $10. Free $$$$ fellow ants!

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$LYFT bounce a little as expected.

UBER ipo listed today.

Bokay template for binary options with 85 success rate

Long run, I hope it fails.


Beautiful!! I hope they realized that scamming the drivers is much easier than the investors.

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Short it to near zero and cover.

It’s very hard to play IPO especially when it’s new & the float is low.

Uber vs. Lyft IPO: The Race to Go Public

Even shittiest companies like Uber and Lyft, when institutions accumulate enough shares at low price, they pump it ( shorts then @@@@ed) & dump it (FOMO retails become bag holders). been there & done that.

$LYFT will join $UBER ride to the low 40s next week so $LYFT lotto put option is free gas, rent and taco ?


The twin ride-hailing unicorns debuted this year, but one is faring much better.

Maybe not. ?

I'm amazed at how the Lyft rides have fallen off so steeply since all the pre IPO promos have gone away. I had zero Lyft rides today in 5hrs of driving. I think I only had 2 last week in 20ish hours of working.

Dallas is truly an Uber town.

Uber or lyft ipo

How are all the Lyft only pink dash pill cars making it?