Tanla Solutions Ipo Price

Tanla solutions ipo price

Led by a team of world class engineers, developers and process champions with expertise in communication services
Powered by an in-house platform, access world class solutions with no third-party dependencies
Proven track record of creating incremental value at zero-capital investment and helping partners realize business goals
  • Tanla has eliminated the need for customer communication architecture at our end, which often gets messy to operate and maintain.


    By providing seamless Cloud-based solutions, Tanla has simplified our customer communication needs to a great extent, and we don’t need to worry about up-scaling till infinity!

    Thank you, Tanla!

  • Tanla helped us build and operate a highly scalable cloud platform, offering text and voice messaging with on-the-fly provisioning, ease of maintenance and compliance for our Enterprise customers.
  • One of the world’s largest Cloud Communication solutions providers, with over 80 Billion transactions annually
  • Preferred service provider for Fortune 500 Companies globally, including top-5 social media networks, and leading E-com and BFSI enterprises
  • Strong financials with CARE A2+ rating from CARE and D&B rating of 5a3

Tanla solutions ipo price