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For the German philosopher, mathematician and statesman, see Georg Bernhard Bilfinger.

Bilfinger SE (previously named Bilfinger Berger AG) is a European company specialized in civil and industrial construction, engineering and services based in Mannheim, Germany.


Bilfinger dates back to 1880 when August Bernatz founded Bernatz Ingenieurwissenschaft as an engineering business: it became known, from 1886 as Bernatz & Grün and, from 1892, as Grün & Bilfinger when Paul Bilfinger replaced Bernat as partner.[2]

In 1970 Grün & Bilfinger acquired a majority stake in Julius Berger-Bauboag AG, itself a merger of two companies, Julius Berger Tiefbau AG and Berlinische Boden-Gesellschaft AG, both founded in 1890.

Investor Relations

The combined business, fully integrated in 1975, finally took the name Bilfinger & Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft.[2] In 1994 the acquisition of Razel Company took place.[2]

In 2001 the business changed its name to Bilfinger Berger AG.[2]

In 2005, Bilfinger bought all shares of Babcock Borsig Service Group from Deutsche Beteiligungs AG.[3][4]

In 2008 the company sold Razel to group Fayat for 137 million euro.[5]

In October 2009 the Company acquired directly MCE Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH itself, a business based in Linz focused on the design, construction and maintenance of facilities in the process industry and the energy sector.[6]

In November 2009 Bilfinger announced that it is considering floating Bilfinger Berger Australia on the Australian Securities Exchange via an initial public offering (IPO).[7] The prospectus for the IPO for the new Australian entity (named Valemus) was issued in June 2010 and the company was listed on the ASE in July.[8]

In recent years Bilfinger has shifted the focus of its activities toward the services business.

In 2010, services contributed to 80% of the company's total output volume of €8,123 million and EBIT for the services division amounted to €297 million.[9] In November 2011, Bilfinger acquired 98 percent of shares in Neo Structo Construction Private Ltd., located in Surat, India, for a purchase price of €47 million.[10] In 2010 Bilfinger became a Societas Europaea (SE).[11]

In December 2014 Bilfinger signed a deal to sell the construction division to Switzerland's Implenia AG leaving the building industry.

It had once been Germany's second largest builder.[12]

In June 2016 Bilfinger announced the sale of the construction and real estate business Building & Facility to Swedish financial investor EQT.[13]

In February 2018 the company announced that it would seek damages from the former directors of the company after alleged breaches in compliance and a series of acquisitions that failed to create shareholder value.[14]


Bilfinger SE is a Deutsche BörseSDAX index traded, leading international industrial services provider.

The portfolio covers the entire value chain from consulting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, plant expansion as well as turnarounds and also includes environmental technologies and digital applications.[15]
Bilfinger, as a result of numerous acquisitions and disposals, is no longer a traditional construction company but instead a provider of services for industrial plants, power plants and real estate.[16] Thus, in the financial year 2010, around 80 percent of the revenue came from services and the remaining 20 percent from construction activities.[17]


The ownership of the business as at 30 June 2018 was as follows:[18]

Percentage Investor
76.1 %Institutionelle Anleger
18.0 %Privatanleger
29.5 %Cevian Capital
16.0 %Institutionelle Anleger Deutschland
10.9 %Institutionelle Anleger Großbritannien
5.6 %Institutionelle Anleger Schweiz
7.5 %Institutionelle Anleger Vereinigte Staaten
3.2 %Institutionelle Anleger Skandinavien
0.3 %Institutionelle Anleger Benelux
1.0 %Institutionelle Anleger Frankreich
1.0 %sonstige institutionelle Anleger

Major projects[edit]

Major projects have included the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen completed in 1919,[19] the Busch Memorial Stadium completed in 1966,[19] the Munich Olympic Stadium completed in 1972,[19] the Sydney Opera House completed in 1973,[19] the Dresdner Bank Tower completed in 1978,[19] the Oymapinar Dam in Turkey completed 1984,[19] the Bang Na Expressway completed in 2000,[20] the Mỹ Thuận Bridge in Vietnam completed in 2000,[19] the Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal completed in 2004,[21] the Svinesund Bridge between Sweden and Norway completed in 2005,[22] expansion of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital completed in 2005,[23] the northern section of the Nuremberg–Munich high-speed railway completed in 2006,[24] the Golden Ears Bridge near Vancouver in Canada completed in 2009,[25] the foundations for the London Array completed in 2009,[26] the Niederfinow Boat Lift in Germany completed in 2014,[27] restoration and conversion of Sonnenstein Castle in Pirna for the Administration Offices in Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge in Germany completed in 2012,[28] Block 9 of the Power Station of Mannheim in Germany completed in 2013,[29] the new line of Edinburgh tramway in Scotland completed in 2014,[30] the North-South line of Cologne Stadtbahn in Germany completed in 2015,[31] the Sedrun section of Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland (along with Frutiger AG, Implenia and Impresa Pizzarotti as part of the Transco consortium) completed in 2016[32][33] and the Düsseldorf Stadtbahn from Düsseldorf-Bilk station to Düsseldorf Wehrhahn station completed in 2016.[34]

List of major works in progress[edit]


In March 2009, a building collapsed in Cologne due to the nearby construction site for the Cologne StadtbahnNord-Süd-Stadtbahn(in German).

The collapse is suspected to be caused by the construction works, and to several irregularities.[37][38]

Several other construction projects are suspected to have been conducted with irregularities: the Düsseldorf StadtbahnWehrhahn-Linie(in German), the Nuremberg–Munich high-speed railway[37][38] and the Bundesautobahn 1.[39]

In November 2018, Bilfinger was sued by Christopher Steele, who alleged that the company owed €150,000 for an investigation into Bilfinger's activities in Nigeria and Sakhalin.[40]

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  • Bernhard Stier and Martin Krauß: Drei Wurzeln – ein Unternehmen.

    125 Jahre Bilfinger Berger AG. ISBN 3-89735-411-X.

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