Sequana Medical Ipo Financial Advisor

Sequana medical ipo financial advisor


One Medical IPO

“We have demonstrated that the alfapump® addresses the clear unmet patient needs in liver refractory ascites and malignant ascites, delivering a clinically effective and convenient therapy that improves patient quality of life.

Through our breakthrough and proprietary Direct Sodium Removal therapy, we are developing alfapump® DSR, a convenient and fully implanted system for the management of volume overload due to heart failure.

This IPO will provide the financing for the North American pivotal study on the alfapump® for liver refractory and recurrent ascites, the European commercial roll-out of the alfapump®, first-in-human DSR studies, other clinical programmes in Europe including a study on the alfapump® for malignant ascites, a registry for cirrhosis patients that have been implanted with the alfapump® and a study on the impact of albumin replacement therapy on clinical outcomes in alfapump® patients, the partial repayment of principal on an outstanding loan and other general corporate purposes.”

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