Scandic Hotel Ipo Adviser

Opal Wave completed the initial Scandic SAP BPC solution improvement project successfully, on time and within budget, in about six months.

This was achieved without disrupting the client’s daily, business-critical activities.

This technical task included Opal Wave’s experts monitoring and developing a deep understanding the system’s current performance, over several weeks. They then produced a series of recommendations to improve the application’s functionality and operation further – including rebuilding the technical environment – which, following client agreement, they implemented.

The project followed Opal Wave’s proven methodology and included initiation, a workshop on what should happen, architectural design, installation, a review and technical testing, handover and sign-off, followed by ongoing support.

Alex Erstfeld recalls: “Opal Wave were impressive throughout that first project.

Their deep knowledge of the system was reassuring, they had clearly implemented it for other clients and understood what we wanted from it.

In addition, everybody we came across from Opal Wave was thoroughly professional and committed.”

Following this initial initiative, Opal Wave has also upgraded Scandic from SAP BPC version 7.5 to 10.1 and from Windows 2008 R2 to 2012 R2, a task which was completed and went live during 2016.

The consultancy’s role encompassed testing, including stress testing up to 700 concurrent users, to minimise risks on going live.


The firm also trained the Scandic trainers – such as the internal project team and senior staff from across the business – in Stockholm, so their knowledge could be cascaded through the organisation. Around 10 Opal Wave experts were involved in this project, which has provided Scandic with software that SAP fully supports.

Alex Erstfeld says: “The main thing we wanted from the upgrade was a continuing stable solution that worked even more consistently and faster for us, and that’s what Opal Wave delivered.

They were able to modify some features that we weren’t happy with, which didn’t suit our particular needs, and include some special functionality that’s unique to us.”

Opal Wave’s other contributions to Scandic since 2013 have included providing ongoing support for the environment, completing the upgrade and implementing multiple functional enhancements.

These cover elements of continuous SAP software maintenance, addressing matters such as bug fixes and enhancements, for the company’s technical team. The supplier has also delivered more general application support for the functional team and provides specific functional assistance to Scandic’s finance team.