Phapros Tbk Ipo Idx

Phapros tbk ipo idx


Post On : December 26, 2018

Jakarta, 26 of December 2018 – National pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies PT Phapros, Tbk, now is officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Phapros tbk ipo idx

The action from this subsidiary company of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indnesia (Persero) (RNI) is marked by the submission of the Certificate of Registration of Shares by the President Director of Indoesia Stock Exchange, Inarno Djadjadi to the President Director of Phapros, Barokah Sri Utami, on Wednesday 26 of December 2018, in Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta.

According to Barokah Sri Utami, who is familiarly called Emmy, previously Phapros was a non listed Tbk company where Phapros shares had not been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, so the mechanism of buying and selling shares had been through conventional markets.

"This has resulted in stock prices not having clear standards and benchmarks. With the listing of shares on the IDX, Phapros's stock price is now standardized, " she said.

Emmy said, the decision is made through many considerations.

Phapros tbk ipo idx

Management of the company decided to take this action at the end of the year along with the growing performance of the company.

Based on financial report audit per September 2018, the company's performance experienced a significant growth marked by the achievement of revenues of IDR 697 billion, an increase of 8.8% compared to the same period last year. While in terms of net income, growth was much higher, reaching 33.1% compared to the same period the previous year.

“As of September 2018, Phapros has posted a profit of Rp96 billion.

This is in accordance with the expectations of the Commissioners and Directors for growing double digits, " Emmy added.

Meanwhile, President Director of RNI B.

Phapros tbk ipo idx

Didik Prasetyo said, this corporate action is part of the strategic steps taken by the company to determine the fair value of company shares that can be seen at any time (real time). "In addition, this also becomes an opportunity so that in the future Phapros can open access to more profitable capital market funding sources," he said.

Phapros President Commissioner Y.

Nanang Marjianto on the same occasion said that the listing on the IDX could improve the implementation of GCG, especially in terms of transparency and public accountability, in addition, it was also expected to improve the company's image in the future.

"With the implementation of better GCG and an enhanced corporate image, the company is expected to benefit from significant capital market funding so that it can support the business development that has been prepared," he said.

Previously, this PEHA stock-coded issuer had also developed its inorganic business by acquiring pharmaceutical company PT Lucas Djaja and a subsidiary located in Bandung.


With the acquisition, Phapros's production capacity increased significantly.