Motilal Oswal Ipo Form

Motilal oswal ipo form


Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

Motilal oswal ipo form

(MOSL) is a Mumbai, India based diversified financial services firm that was incorporated in 1987. The company offers trading services in Equity, Commodity, Currency and Derivatives segments in India.

How to use Motilal Oswal Mobile Application

It also offers other financial products like Mutual Funds, IPOs, Gold, Insurance and Fixed Income products.

Motilal Oswal Review

MOSL is widely recognized for its services like MOAMC discretionary Portfolio Management Service (PMS). The PMS has a strong track record and consistently outperformed the benchmark across market cycles since its inception in 2003 in the market.

Motilal Oswal has a vast client base that includes retail customers (including High Net worth Individuals), mutual funds, foreign institutional investors, financial institutions and corporate customers.

As of March 2018, Motilal Securities had a network across 500+ cities and towns comprising 2,200+ Business branches operated by the company and its Business Partners.

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The broker has over 10,00,000 registered clients with over Rs 69,500 Crores in depository assets.

Motilal Oswal Securities built a strong foundation due to its solid research. They invest almost 10% of their revenue in equity research. The company has dedicated teams for large-cap, mid-cap and technical research analysis.

Motilal Oswal’s Trading Platforms

Motilal Oswal offers a range of online trading apps and Trading Website.

Motilal Oswal Demat Account Key features

Following are few popular trading apps offered by Motilal are:

  1. MO Investor (Trading Website and Mobile App)
  2. MO Trader
  3. Desktop Application (Installable Trading Terminal)
  4. Smart Watch (App for Android and Apple Watch)

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Motilal Oswal Trading Account Types


Default Account

The standard trading and Demat account provide a wide range of investment options customized to suit customer’s time horizon & risk appetite.

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This account allows its customers for trading and investment in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPO, PMS, Insurance and Fixed Income Products. The default account type is suitable for casual traders and long term stock market investors.

2. Value Pack

Value Pack Account is the upfront subscription scheme, which offers significant discounts in brokerage rates with a wide range of value packs.

A customer can choose and enjoy the benefits of placing trades at reduced charges.

Full Service Brokers

Value packs are for frequent traders who actively trade on a daily basis with affordable brokerage charges.

3. Margin Pack

Margin Pack Account is the upfront committed margin account, which offers significant brokerage discounts to its customers. It also offers a wide range of margin packs that customers can choose and enjoy the benefits of placing trades at reduced charges.

Motilal Oswal Brokerage Charges 2019

Motilal Oswal Account Opening Charges

Trading Brokerage Charges

Motilal broking services offer 3 unique trading plans for its customers.

The Customers can choose one of these plans as per their requirement.


Motilal oswal ipo form

Default Brokerage Plan

The default brokerage plan is for casual investors in the stock market. This plan is a basic plan that includes the majority of services including access to research and advisory and free online trading software.

Motilal oswal ipo form

The brokerage charges in this plan are highest compared to other plans.

Motilal Oswal Default Brokerage Plan

2. Value Pack Plan

The Value Pack is a prepaid brokerage plan which offers cheaper brokerage compared to default brokerage plan when you pay an upfront fee.

Facts About Motilal Oswal Group (As of Nov 2016)

This plan is for active traders that offer 7 options in value pack starting from the upfront fee of Rs 2500 to Rs 1 Lakh.

Motilal Oswal Value Pack Scheme Brokerage


Margin Scheme

Motilal Oswal Margin Scheme is for frequent traders and investors.

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The brokerage charges in this plan keep reducing when you commit higher-margin money in your trading account and gives you savings in brokerage charges.

Motilal Oswal Margin Scheme Brokerage

Motilal Oswal – Margin Scheme Charges

Motilal Oswal – Margin Scheme Brokerage

Motilal Demat Charges

Motilal Demat Account Charges are as follows:

How to open account with Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd?

The fastest way to open an account with Motilal Oswal is by leaving your contact information on their website.

Once you leave your contact information, you will get a callback in a few minutes form their customer executive, explaining to you the plans and helping you with the account opening process.

Motilal Oswal Pros and Cons

Motilal Oswal Advantages

  1. 20+ years of experience in the trading and investment field.
  2. Wide Range of Investment Choices available like Equity, Derivatives, IPO, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Fixed Deposit.
  3. Value Pack Brokerage Schemes offers low brokerage options compared to others.
  4. Complete Ease of Operation with more than 60 banks for Fund Transfer between accounts.
  5. Free research advisory services for all customers.
  6. Free trading software for all customers.

Motilal Oswal Disadvantages

  1. Very high brokerage charges in comparison with the discount brokers like Zerodha and Upstox.
  2. The brokerage in value pack scheme is competitive but it requires upfront fees at the time of opting for the brokerage plan.

    The value pack plans cannot be updated or canceled once selected to trade.

  3. Doesn’t offer 3-in-1 account like ICICIdirect, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities and Axis Direct.

Motilal Oswal Exposure Margin

Motilal Oswal leverage for intraday trading, delivery, option Trading, currency and commodities.