Lendinvest Secure Cap Ipo

Lendinvest secure cap ipo

LendInvest is a non-bank mortgage lender [8] in the UK,[9] and is a property lending and investing platform.[10] As an alternative Fintech[11][12][13] lender in the property market,[14] LendInvest provides fast finance to property professionals and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) around the UK.

It also makes it possible for individuals, corporates and institutions to invest in secured property loans originated and underwritten by its mortgage team.[15]

LendInvest is regarded as one of the leading FinTech companies in the UK,[16] and has been referred to as a 'future billion dollar' business.[17]

LendInvest was launched in 2013 when it was spun out of Montello,[18] a London-based specialist short-term property finance lender.

LendInvest is a privately held company[19] and is backed by Atomico, the European venture capital investment fund co-founded by Niklas Zennström, which invested £17 million in the company in March 2016.[20]

LendInvest operates throughout the UK with staff based regionally covering Southern England, Northern England and Scotland.[21]


Since 2015, LendInvest has published an independently audited Annual Report on its website.[22] In the year to 31 March 2017, LendInvest reported 20% revenue growth to £40 million and an underlying profit from operations of £2.6 million.[23]

As at 31 March 2017, LendInvest had lent £811 million to property investors, landlords and developers,[24] and was managing and advising on £412.5 million of facilities on behalf of a range of UK and international investors.[25]

In February 2017, LendInvest published a report entitled "Starting small to build more homes: A blueprint for better policymaking in the property SME market",[26] that revealed that SMEs in the housebuilding sector have been failing at alarming rates,[27] and argues that the government could help to resolve the country's chronic housing shortage by rebooting its strategy to help smaller property firms.[28] The report was formally launched on 21 March 2017 by Conor Burns MP.[29]

In June 2017, LendInvest received a third SQ1 Servicer Quality Rating from European ratings agency ARC Ratings.[30] ARC Rating assesses the process used by LendInvest to originate, underwrite and service property loans.[31]

In September 2016, LendInvest launched the LendInvest Property Development Academy,[32] a non-profit two day course for aspiring property entrepreneurs to learn how to better equip themselves with the skills they need to grow their property development portfolios.[33] Academy courses are held in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Birmingham.[34] The Academy was launched in collaboration with the University of Reading[35] and is supported by the Home Builders' Federation.[36] The initiative was attended by the Scottish government in June 2017 when Minister for Housing Kevin Stewart MSP launched the Edinburgh course.[37]


LendInvest provides bridging finance for borrowers who need certainty of funding within a specific timeframe, and development finance for property developers who need funding to start or exit a project.[38]

LendInvest is creating the most diverse capital base of any mortgage lender in the UK market.[39] On 10 August 2017, LendInvest successfully launched a listed retail bond on the London Stock Exchange.[10] The process to raise LendInvest's first retail bond was closed early and oversubscribed.[40] The retail bond is the first to be issued by a FinTech business and constitutes a fourth funding channel for the company.[40] LendInvest's first retail bond was added by the Daily Telegraph's Questor share tip column to its £500,000 Income Portfolio on 4 August 2017.[41]


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    Lendinvest secure cap ipo

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