Ipo Tillg Ved Underdkning

Ipo tillg ved underdkning


Ipo tillg ved underdkning

What We Do For Investors

IPO Capital A/S is not an investment fund and we do not manage capital on behalf of external investors.

We source deals, perform due diligence, and invest in strong Nordic companies using various traditional private equity methods such as leverage buyouts as well as our own internal equity and debt facilities.

However with that said, we are happy to open up our deal-flow of strong Nordic companies generating €1M - €10M in revenue with EBIT positivity to investors who we respect and admire thus enabling such investors to gain access to some of our deals and portfolio companies.

We would typically execute such transactions by setting up a special purpose vehicle that can be used as a means through which the investor can participate.

Such deals could be structured in a way where investors either provide equity to the S.P.V', or by providing debt directly to the company that we are taking over to help fund the transaction.

Ipo tillg ved underdkning

Both equity and debt deals would be favourable to the external investor with terms for the debt including highly attractive interest rates as well as leverage on the business.