Ipo Sale Gl Code In Csi

Ipo sale gl code in csi

Transaction Code (T code) used in transactions of SAP CSI Post Office

14 May 2017

Here is a list of different T codes grouped as per their operations.

Mail Operations

Sub ModuleT CodeFunctionality
Staff Scheduling SystemZDOP_MAINT-code to open the main screen
IPVSZMOIPVST-code to proceed further operations in IPVS
ZDOP_MAINT-code to open the main screen
DPMSZMODPMST-code to proceed further operations in DPMS.
ZDOP_MAINT-code to open the main screen
FrankingZMO_RFC_FRNK_DEPOSITT-Code to Generate Receipt.
ZMOFKGOpen the Franking Main Screen window
ZMO_RMFS_FILET-Code to Write the File
ZMO_RFC_FRNK_ACK_FILET-Code for Acknowledgement
SE16NTo check the Tables in SAP
ZMO_FKG_LICFor Deposit Table

CSI -- IPO Supply to counter -- Back Office

In Table

PhilatelyVA01To create Sales Order
VA03To create Delivery
VF01To create invoice
Customer ManagementWUIFor customer creation
VAP1To go to contact person creation screen directly.
VAP2For changing the existing details
VAP3For the display of existing details
VA41To go to contract person creation screen
VA42For changing the existing details
VA43For the display of existing details
VF04For Monthly billing-View Billing Due List
VF06For monthly billing - Create Billing Documents
VF24To Create invoice list
VF25To view nvoice list for a customer
VF23To display the invoice list
ZADVANCE_DEPOSITTo the recharge of advance customer

Finance and Accounts

Sub ModuleT CodeFunctionality
General LedgerFS00To View General Master
F-02To Post Voucher (Petty Cash Expense) ≤5000
FB03To View Document
FB08To Reverse Document
FAGLL03To View GL Report of Particular Location
FBL3NTo View GL Report on PAN INDIA Label
ZFR_Day_NEWTo View Day Report
Account Payable (AP)FK02To Update Vendor Master
FK03To View Vendor Master
FB65To Raise Vendor Invoice
FB75To Book Customer Credit Memo
FB1LNTo View Vendor Line items
F-04Vendor Payment through Cash
F-58Payment through Cheque
Accounts ReceivablesFD03
FB70To create an Invoice for Customer
FBL5NTo View Customer Line Items
F-28Incoming Payment through Cheque
Fund Management (Budget)PVPlan Voted
PCPlan charged
NPNon Plan Voted
NCNon Charged Voted
ZFMBCFor Actual Budget
ZFBUDGETP1Revise Estimate/ Final Grant
ZFBUDGETBBAllocation ,Distribution,Approval,Posting of Budget
ZFMBUDGETDSupplementary Budget
ZFMBUDGETRSurrender Budget
FMEDDTo Check Document Posted
ZFMRP_RW_BUDCONBudget Consumption Report
ZFT05To See Work Flow
Cash and BankFV50For cash request
ZFI_CASHDENOTo Create Cash Denomination form
FCH5To create cheque
ZFICHQTo take printout of Cheque
ZFBL3NTo check whether HO money is reduced
FBL3NTo view the GL line items
Asset AccountingAS01To create asset master
AS02To view the asset data(Information)/ asset register report
AS03To Change the details of asset master data
F-90Purchase Asset/ Acquisition of Asset
AS02Asset transfer within circle
ABUMNAsset transfer in other circle
ABAVNRetirement by Scrapping
ABAONRetirement with Sale without registered customer
F-92Retirement by sale to registered customer
ZFI_EREPORTTo Generate Biller report
HR PaymentsZPAY_POSTECS through bank
ZPAY_CCPaying through Cash/Cheque
ZPAY_DDThird Party Payments

Procurement and Inventory

Sub ModuleT CodeFunctionality
MATERIAL PROCUREMENTME51NCreate purchase requisition
ME31KCreate contract
ME21NCreate purchase order
MIGOGoods receipt
MIROVerify vendor invoice
SERVICE PROCUREMENTME51NCreate purchase requisition
ME31KCreate contract
ME21NCreate purchase order
ML81NCreate service entry sheet
MIROVerify vendor invoice
ASSET PROCUREMENTME51NCreate purchase requisition
ME31KCreate contract
ME21NCreate purchase order
MIGOGoods receipt
MIROVerify vendor invoice
STOCK TRANSFERME21NCreate stock transfer order ( CSD TO HO)
MIGO“For all the inventory transaction
(Goods issue, Goods receipt, place in storage, and remove from storage) “
REPORTSME5APurchase Requisition Report
ME2WPurchase order(Stock Transfer Order)Report as per supplying plant
MMBEStock overview of a material
MB52Material stock Report
MB51Material Document List

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