Ipo Law Practice Area

Ipo law practice area

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When establishing a presence in China, or even if dealing with a Chinese enterprise with China state-owned interests, an understanding of the corporate law and “rules” that govern business and commercial transactions in China is essential. We advise clients on the various corporate structures in China, the business and commercial transactions in China, including distribution agreements, leases, licensing agreements and buy/sell agreements, and the commercial and legal setting which drive the China economic engines.

We can also assist with financing, capital infusion, and business scope as well as corporate structuring, restructuring and divestiture.

There are rules and there are rules, and China’s often uneven playing field will need to be addressed in a way that will enhance and foster a partnership that will incentivize the foreign party to continue its investment in China.

Ipo law practice area

While numbers is the language of business, at IPO Pang, knowledge is the ticket to legal confidence. Our in-depth understanding of Chinese economics and business environment will help the foreign party be fully informed to eke out every business opportunity and advantage in a way that is non-threatening, commercially acceptable and, more importantly, promote development of a better understanding of what it takes to do business successfully in the Chinese environment.

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