Invest In Lending Club Ipo

Invest in lending club ipo

Invest in lending club ipo

thanks for tracking this peter.

i have had accounts at fidelity for over 25 years, as well as being a lendingclub lender since 2008, and have taken the steps to participate in the lendingclub directed share program.

here is info that may be helpful (this is NOT investment advice.

ipo’s involve risk)

first stop should be to visit the official registration statement (s-1) on the sec website.

there are many amendments and supplements since this initial filing, so do your own due diligence.

(note the sec name is ‘lendingclub’, all one word)

i see them offering $500mm.

newflash – they have just upped the amount to $650mm ref:

the primary reason to get into an ipo is hoping the price will jump way above the offering price (e.g., netscape, visa, gopro, google).

Invest in lending club ipo

yes, you get the ipo shares without commission, but that is not the reason to participate in the ipo.

my contacts tell me the ipo ‘indication of interest’ window and preliminary pricing will be on or about 1 dec, with the final pricing and launch of trading on the nyse on or about 10 dec (symbol ‘LC’)

if you have registered with fidelity, be sure to follow all instructions carefully and on time. ipo pricing is typically very last minute, and you may have only a few hours to make final commitments — usually between 7pm and midnight the night before the ipo launch.

good luck to all loyal lendingclub supporters

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