Hpl Ipo Allotment Status

Hpl ipo allotment status


“D-Mart (Avenue Suprtmarts) IPO Allotment Status”

Have you applied for D-Mart (Avenue Supermarts Limited) IPO and curious about status of the IPO allotment?.


Check D-Mart IPO allotment status below. Keep your PAN number handy to check the allotment details.

Hpl ipo allotment status

As per the rules pertaining to primary market (IPO), the shares of any company should be listed on stock exchanges like NSE and BSE for trading by 6th working day from the IPO issue close date. Going by this rule, as the D-Mart IPO issue closed on 10th March, you can expect to know about your D-Mart IPO allotment status positively by 17th March 2017

  • Visit this page again by end of the above date to know about D-Mart IPO allotment Status
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  • Following are the steps to be followed to know your D-Mart IPO Allotment Status
    1. Click Here to visit the website of the Registrar
    2. Select D-Mart (Avenue Supermarts) from the drop Down Menu (D-Mart option will be made available at the end of above date)
    3. Provide your PAN Number
    4. Enter the Captcha
    5. Click on “Search” Button
  • Expected listing of the D-Mart IPO Shares on Stock Exchanges for Trading is 21st March 2017

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Meantime why not look at some of the Frequently asked Questions about IPO allotment?

  Who does the IPO Allotment?

Allotment of the IPO is done by the entity called the Registrar identified by the listing Company.

Registrar for the D-Mart IPO is LINK INTIME INDIA Pvt Limited.


  What is the Basis Of IPO Allotment?

The registrar allots the shares taking various factors into considerations such as extent of the issue subscribed, number of employees of the company applied for the IPO, required allotments to QIBs as per the rules etc.

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The registrar will publish the basis of the allotment within two weeks of the issue close date.

Currently, in any IPO, the allocation is usually, QIB – 50% HNI – 15% and Retail – 35% or QIB – 60% HNI – 10% and Retail – 30% of the Net Issue.


  What documents I need to check the IPO Allotment?

You can check about the IPO allotment status by using your PAN number.


  OK, I got the IPO allotment, When it will be credited to my Demat Account?

Usually, it will credited to your demat account within 2 business days.


  But I want to sell them on first day of the listing, I will loose this opportunity if credit of shares to my demat account is delayed!

Shares will not be listed until all the allotted investors receive the shares in their respective demat accounts.

So dont worry and relax, but ensure that your demat account is active and ready state of receiving the shares.

Hpl ipo allotment status


  What to do if you have been allotted shares, but you have not received the credit to your demat account?

If you have allotted the shares but not received in your demat account by listing day, then check that your demat account is active.

If you feel there is no issue, provide a copy of your Client Master to Registrar to enable upload of your allotted shares in your account.

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Copy can be sent by Fax/Scanned image.


  How do I get the Refund Amount back in case of non-allotment or partial allotment of IPO?

I depends on how you filled out your application form.

You will receive physical refund order to your postal address or though ECS if you have opted for it with your Broker.


  When will I get my Refund back?

The Registrar will dispatch/initiate the refund order/ECS transfer within 12 working days of issue close date.

Hpl ipo allotment status

So add postal delay depending on your location to receive the physical order.


  I have updated ECS details with my Broker, So will I receive refund through ECS?

Not always. It depends on the registrar and it is mandatory for him to refund through ECS in 15 major cities. For all other cities and towns, he can choose to send cheques even when ECS details are updated.

Hpl ipo allotment status


  When can I start trading in the new shares?

Offcourse from the listing day! provided the shares are already credited to your demat account.

Hpl ipo allotment status

But you can not trade off market in case you received the shares few days before the day of listing!.

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