Fv Pharma Ipo Huge

Fv pharma ipo huge

Oct 17, 2017.

FSD Pharma (CNSX:HUGE) Undergoes Largest Share Consolidation on the CSE

- The Company is in the process of raising capital in a Private Placement, contact us for more details.

Health Canada ACMPR License Recieved in Oct 2017
Current License Capacity - 4,000kg

Phase 1 Expansion Target:
Total - 820,000 sq.ft.

Phase 2 Expansion Target:
Total - 3,896,000 sq.ft.

70-acre parcel of land
27 acre – Plant
5 acre – Parking Lot
38 acre – Expansion Land

Current building infrastructure valued at a replacement cost of
$78 Million

All under one roof to promote lower cost and economies of scale.
FV Pharma will model its business plan after big pharma companies
– focus on tight cost controls and economies of scale.
Electrical substation on site

Can power over 9,000 x 1,000 watt grow bulbs

Distributed in a bank of 3 independent subs of 13800 KVA each

Multiple natural gas lines on site

26 Loading docks

Food grade facility built to better deal with bug problems.

FV Pharma will be growing using state of art hydroponic mediums to better precisely control the amounts and ratios necessary to optimally grow medicinal grade cannabis.