Cars Com Ipo Price

Cars com ipo price

In the Price Comparison Tool you'll sometimes see this icon indicating a vehicle has qualified for a Certified Pre-Owned program.

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The CPO badge distinguishes used vehicles that have been certified by their OEM (i.e Ford).

A CPO car must first meet minimum age and mileage requirements, and then pass a thorough inspection.

Cars com ipo price

An automaker or dealer will check on hundreds of parts and systems to ensure they meet the minimum requirements.

Then, typically, the CPO car will get a warranty that extends the miles covered, the months remaining, or both to the bumper-to-bumper warranty or powertrain warranty.

This extended warranty will be reflected in the higher price these vehicles tend to carry.

CPO cars also often come with a free vehicle history report, roadside assistance programs and other perks.

Cars com ipo price

To be clear, only a manufacturer's franchised dealer can sell that manufacturer's CPO vehicles. This means that if a dealership can sell new Hondas, then it can also sell Honda CPO used vehicles.

It cannot, however, sell a BMW or any other brand of used vehicle as certified.

Cars com ipo price

Car shoppers are often confused as dealers will sometimes call their used vehicles "certified" because they've put them through a basic inspection. These vehicles are not actual CPO vehicles as they have not met the manufacturer's criteria for inspection, so they will not qualify for Certified Pre-Owned status.

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