Big Ipo Tiny Payout

Big ipo tiny payout

> You're forgetting something: the toll it takes on you as a person.

> Those long nights,

What nerd hasn't spent all night building something cool?

How Sonos Went from Startup to IPO and $Billion Valuation - A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

I've /never/ been asked to stay at the office after hours and it's not an expectation that any of the big tech firms have.

> long commutes

No one gives a crap when you get in.

I usually leave for work at like 10 AM and complete my 30 mile commute in about 40 minutes -- it's no big deal.

> (if you don't live a block away),

I used to have a shorter commute but I think SF is more fun and it's not that big of a deal...

> they can all wear you down.

I suppose if they were as you've stated them, but they're not.

> You're pressured into working more

You're really not.

Big ipo tiny payout

Also, we get like 21 full days of PTO, and I'm eligible for my sabbatical in another 6 months, which is just an additional month of free PTO.

> and you have less time to spend with friends and family

In addition to the fact that I get to hang out with friends pretty much whenever I want (no one cares about the 9-5 thing), I'm able to use my generous PTO to go visit family, which I probably do 3-4 times a year (honestly, love my family, but more would be too much)

> (work IS your friends and family!


I get to work with a lot of smart people who I deeply respect and do consider to be exceptional friends.

Big ipo tiny payout

I also have friends who work at different tech companies and even outside of tech, and I get them the same was as anybody else, hanging out.

> less time for dating

We've got plenty of time for dating. My friends are going on dates all the time actually. Dinner, Drinks, Hiking... they're all totally possible thing to do.

> (and let's be honest: if you're a single man in the Valley, you're not getting laid).

Not going to dignify this with a response.

> It just sucks.

You are incorrect

> Is that worth it?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt :)

Big ipo tiny payout