Bethel Dofus Duo Ipo

Bethel dofus duo ipo

n0ak|2014-10-31 14:56:26

Now, let's estimate a standard 4 people team roles, using 1-10 scale on Support (S) / Damage (D) / Map Manipulation and disabling enemies (M) / Tanking (T).

Bethel dofus duo ipo

We're not talking about classes in general, just rolles they stereotypically fill in a dungeon.

Iop: S 2, D 10, M 3, T 4
Panda S 3, D 5, M 10, T 4
Eni S 10, D 2, M 2, T 1
Sac S 3, D 6, M 3, T 10

General team power: Support 18, Damage 23, Map Manipulation 18, Tanking 19

Now, the best way to go around getting higher possible numbers would be to use classes with complex/hybrid roles, for example Foggernauts or Enus

Let's say a Fogger and an Enu try to duo something.

Fogger S 6, D 6, M 6, T 6 (turrets are great tanks/distraction)
Enu S 4, D 7, M 7, T 5 (again, summons useful for tanking)

General team power: S 10, D 13, M 13, T 11

Looks pretty good so far, right?

A balanced team, focused on stability and sustainability... theoretically something you'd want when duoing a dungeon.

Bethel dofus duo ipo

It'd be pretty logical to take two hybrid-role classes to compliment each other when trying to duo something, right?

Right; but not in this game. In this game class combos like that are not able to shine in most challanging duo content. Classes strictly specialized in one field tend to outshine hybrid-role classes so much, it doesn't make sense to invest in them.

[Dofus] Bethel Duo (NOT with Panda, 2.45)

Sure, they work in certain scenarios; My fogger could single handedly smack around lvl 900 dreggon mobs (something what an Iop of similliar skill and power would not be able to do), but in more extreme places (i.e. where it counts) I'm deemed inferior.

Bethel dofus duo ipo