Avaya Ipo Vm Email Request Added To Queue

Avaya ipo vm email request added to queue

Avaya ipo vm email request added to queue

Queue Announcements

The Voicemail Pro application provides Queue Handling facilities, allowing incoming Hunt Group calls to be automatically answered when department, group or individual telephones are busy.

Customers entering a queue are played a message informing them of the situation and then hear hold music (internally generated or from an external source), whilst being regularly updated. Two unique messages may be recorded for each Hunt Group (queue entry and queue update message).

How to setup voicemail to email with Avaya IP Office

Queue announcements can also provide position in queue and estimated time to answer to the caller.

Additionally, to suit the needs of the contact center, Voicemail Pro provides the caller with their position within the queue and an estimated time for their call to be answered.

It furthermore gives the caller the option to opt out of the queue and leave a message at any time if desired.

Contact Center Queuing using Voicemail Pro


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