Avaya Ipo 6.0 Latest Version

Avaya ipo 6.0 latest version

What new hardware is in Release 6.0?
A new IP Office 500v2 chassis, Combination Cards that support digital phones, analog ports, VCM and either Analog trunk or BRI (region specific.) ETR card to support PARTNER® phones and Region specific SD (Secure Digital) cards holding the licensing, system software and Essential Edition voice messaging – only available with the IP Office 500v2.

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Will the new be supported in the IP Office 500v1?
No – only the new IP Office 500v2 supports the Combination Cards

How many Combination Cards are supported in the IP Office 500v1?
None. A maximum of 2 Combination Cards are supported only on IP Office 500v2

Do the SD cards come with Essential Edition built in?

Yes. The SD card has built in Essential Edition voice messaging. 2 voice ports are included. Further ports can be purchased in increments of 2 up to 6 voice ports maximum.

Any change on hour’s storage with Essential Edition?

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

No change – 15 hours of storage

What is the other SD card slot for?
An optional SDHC specification card of 4GB or larger that is customer supplied. It can hold back up for configurations, voice messaging and can also be used to upgrade the control unit, when software is available

Which IP Office systems can I upgrade to R6.0?

IP Office 500v1, IP500v2, IP406v2 and IP412

Which 9600 phones are supported on R6.0?

Avaya IP Office Release 6.0. Frequently Asked Questions, Answers on R6 and IPO 500 V2 hardware

9620L / 9620C / 9630G / 9640 / 9640G/ 9650 / 9650C

Can I use the 9600 phones on other versions of IP Office hardware?
Yes. The IP Office system must be running R6.0

Are the 4400 series phones still supported?
Yes – but only on the expansion modules DS16 and DS30

Can I use PARTNER® phones in IP Office ‘mode’?


Which voice messaging platform can I use in Essential Edition PARTNER Version mode?
Essential Edition only – It utilizes the Essential Edition TUI and is different from PARTNER® voicemail TUI

Can I add more messaging ports to the Essential Edition PARTNER® Version?


2 voice ports are included for simultaneous access, and you can add ports in increments of 2
up to a maximum of 6 voice ports Which phones are supported by Essential Edition – PARTNER® Version?
PARTNER® 6D / 18D / 34D ETR phones and IP Office 1400 series and any analog device (supported on the
Combination Card, Phone 8/16 card or the Aux port of the ETR phones)

How many ETR (Enhanced Tip and Ring) phones are supported?

A maximum of 18 – (6 each on the ETR Module) 3 ETR modules maximum per IP Office 500v2

Is analog supported on the Aux port of the ETR phone?


What’s changed with Multi?Site Network Option?
The maximum number of users across the network has been increased to 1000. Back up and distributed voice messaging has been introduced with Preferred Edition

What is Back up Voice Messaging?

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A 2nd PC server equipped with Preferred Edition can be added anywhere on the network in case the primary PC server should fail or loses network connectivity

Is back-up real time?

All configurations and voice files are backed up to when a change is made. Voice Messages are sent
over to the back?up system as soon as the message is left on the primary.

Do I need to purchase the Preferred Edition license for the back-up system?

What is Distributed Voice Messaging?

Avaya ipo 6.0 latest version

Extra Preferred Edition PC’s can be used in the Multi-Site Network at locations where they may have heavy voice mail usage.

How does it work?

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Distributed Preferred Edition can be used at any location, to handle local Auto?Attendant, queue management, announcements etc. A primary Preferred Edition must be assigned as all voice messages, no matter where handled, will find its way back to the Primary.

What is the benefit of Distributed Preferred Edition?
If extra voice ports are needed (limited to 40 ports in R5) and also minimizes bandwidth requirements as calls can be dealt with on a local level

Can Back-up and Distributed Preferred Editions be run on the same network?

Avaya ipo 6.0 latest version

Messages from the distributed Preferred Edition will always be left at the primary. If the primary is unavailable, messages will be left at the back?up Preferred Edition

Does Distributed Preferred Edition require licensing
Yes. Each Preferred Edition PC server will require the Preferred Edition license and any extra voice ports

How is Avaya one?X Portal for IP Office enhanced?
Telecommuter mode, IM and Presence, and audio conference management.

Are any more mobile devices compatible with one-X Mobile Client?

Avaya ipo 6.0 latest version

Yes – 3rd party integrators can support one?X Mobile Client on iPhone and Blackberry devices.

What softphone do I use now PhoneManager PC Softphone is not in any user productivity suite?
The new IP Office Video Softphone has been included in Teleworker and Power User. It is a thick client application that includes Video capability via webcam.

Does the IP Office Video Softphone let me see my customers and vice versa?

No – this version allows video within the secure IP Office network – so point to point video to IP Office users within the same site or network

Can you separate out the user licenses like R5?
No. Each User Solution is assigned to a specific user. You cannot extract individual applications and assign to other users

Are the user licenses in R5 still supported?

Yes. No change

What changes have you made to the Voice Compression Module (VCM) license?
With R6.0 VCM channel licenses are no longer required. Every channel is enabled on the VCM32, 64 and 10 on the Combination Card. Instead, there is a new IP Endpoint license that is required for Avaya’s IP hardphones to be used.

How does that affect SIP/IP trunking and Multi?Site Networks?
SIP and Multi?Site licensing remains the same. However, VCM licenses are no longer needed as
all channels are enabled on the VCM32 and VCM64.

But plan accordingly

You’ve introduced IP Endpoint licenses with R6.0 – what’s the rationale?
R6.0 introduced the IP Endpoint license. This simplifies the planning rules associated with the VCM licensing. These licenses are required to operate Avaya IP Hard phones and DECT phones on IP Office.

They are NOT needed for the IP Office Video Softphone.

Tips for Searching Avaya Support

When you purchase a VCM32 or VCM64, 12 IP endpoint licenses are included. The Combination
Card does not include any IP Endpoint licenses My older systems have VCM 32 and VCM 64 cards installed. When I upgrade to R6.0 what happens?

Upgrading to R6.0 enables every channel on the VCM32/64 cards. An automatic conversion takes place to provide
IP Endpoint license at a ratio of 1 VCM license = 3 IP endpoint licenses

What happens if I have 8 VCM licenses enabled and 40 IP Endpoints?

IP endpoint licenses will need to be purchased to make up the difference, in this example 16 IP Endpoint licenses will need to be purchased (3×8=24 IP endpoint licenses)

Will the IP Phones operate without a license?

Avaya IP Office: How to Connect Avaya IP500 V2 To Your PC (Updated)

No. However, they will be able to make emergency calls

Has the VPN license gone?

VPN licenses are no longer required with R6.0 software

Is PhoneManager Pro included in the user productivity solutions e.g. Power User?

No. Avaya one?X® Portal for IP Office has similar functionality to Phone Manager PRO, therefore, Phone Manager Pro is not required in the user suites

Can I keep my existing PhoneManager Pro licenses?
Yes, they are unaffected by upgrading to R6.0 Software Upgrades

What is the cost of an IP Office software upgrade to R6.0?

For IP Office systems up to and including 32 users will be $99 NPL For IP Office systems 33 users and above will be $199 NPL per system Customers can also purchase a longer term option: Upgrades up to and including Release 10 will be $999 per system

When a new IP 500v2 system is purchased, does the upgrade license need to be purchased in order to run IP Office Release 6.0?


If you purchase a new IP Office 500v2 then you have a period of 90 days from initial use of the system to install the version of software that you wish to run. Thus you can run R6.0 without purchasing an upgrade license.

Avaya ipo 6.0 latest version


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