Paying Forex Fee Via Western Union Online

Paying forex fee via western union online

Western Union is a worldwide leader in money transfer services, having been in the business for 135 years.

Paying forex fee via western union online

There are more than 500,000 agent locations of Western Union in more than 200 countries around the globe.

With Western Union, you can send and receive money anytime, anywhere. You can also pay mortgage, car, and credit card bills through a Western Union agent location.

Bellow are the latest Western Union fees.


Domestic Money Transfers

$0.01 - $50$4.90
$50.01 - $100.00$8.00
$100.01 - $250.00$10.00
$250.01 - $500.00$12.00
$750.01 - $1000.00$15.00
$1000.01 - $2000.00$18.00

Refund Fees

0 - $500.00$7.50
$500.01 - $1000.00$10.00

Western Union

The company started in 1851 as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company.

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It was consolidated in 1856 with another firm, the New York and Western Union Telegraph Company. The new company was named Western Union Telegraph Company.

The company has been able to withstand the various challenges of the changing times.

Paying forex fee via western union online

Today, its product portfolio not only includes money transfer but also bills payment, prepaid cards, and business solutions.

How to Send Money

There are three ways to send money via Western Union—in person, online, and through phone.

To send money online, simply register at Western Union’s website.

After logging in, select the Money in Minutes service. You would then need to input the name and address of the receiver, and pay with your debit or credit card.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent.

Paying forex fee via western union online

Take note of the tracking number of the money transfer and share it with the receiver for pickup.

The process is almost similar when sending money in person.

First, find a nearby agent location, where you have to fill out the Send Money section form. Choose the Cash Pickup and Money in Minutes service, then hand out the completed form to the agent alongside the money including transaction fee.

Paying forex fee via western union online

You can pay with cash or using a credit card. The tracking number is stated in your receipt.

For sending money via phone, dial 1-800-CALL-CASH in the United States.

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A Western Union agent will help you out, and you can pay using your credit card or debit card. Again, save your tracking number.

You can track your money transfer by going to Western Union’s website, where you need to input the tracking number as well as other details like the receiver’s name and address and the amount being transferred.

Check the table above to find the latest Western Union Fees.

How to Receive Money

Your receiver can receive the money in different ways.

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The most traditional way is to receive the money in cash. The receiver simply goes to an agent location and brings a government-issued ID. He or she should also know the tracking number.

The transferred money can also be loaded to a Western Union prepaid card, or deposited into the receiver’s bank account.

In some countries, the money can be deposited to the mobile wallet of the receiver.

Bills Payment

The other major service that Western Union offers is bills payment.

How to send money western union online

Like in sending money, bills payment can be done online, in person, or via phone. You can also track your bills payment by going to the Western Union website. In case you don’t know the tracking number, you can retrieve this information by providing your name, biller name, and the amount that you paid for.

For more information on Western Union and Western Union fees, visit their official website.

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Paying forex fee via western union online