Profitable Forex Ea Robot

Profitable forex ea robot

Profitable forex ea robot


As you can see this forex EA has a lot of features and is fully customisable. Most live traders using this EA run it on 4 pairs per $3K account size and run it on a VPS.

Profitable forex ea robot

Expect about one trade per week. We do not offer this EA in a demo account so you have to forward test it to see what it does.

Profitable forex ea robot

We can arrange the settings that your risk per trade is about $1 so not much to risk there. It will be the only way to see if this is really a profitable ea.

The basic trading rule for this EA is to enter the market after a period of no direction.

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Once the price starts to break out, this ea will place an entry. Each trade you can arrange yourself by optimizing it.

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For example, you can enable multiple trades as well as a stop loss for each single trade. To make it a profitable ea you can also enable consecutive trade entries.

Profitable forex ea robot

By doing so the strategy will place multiple trades in the same trend.

Worst case scenario of the forex ea is that you will have a row of losing trades most likely with small stop losses. However, this EA only needs one good trending market to ensure a double digit profit per year.

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