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XRP TipBot and GoodsoulsGroup collaborate to transform crypto charities

XRP TipBot is well known for making crypto charities. XRP community is well known about its collective efforts where they lead the change by banding together. The XRP ecosystem has reached cult status due to similar efforts.

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Tipbot is one such example that has proven itself to be an effective tech charity. Another example is GoodSoulGroups that helps charities using XRP TipBot crypto donations through Twitter.

In 2017, the tech charity realm recorded more than four hundred billion US dollars ($410B) in donations worldwide.

GoodXRP is managed by Daniel Siedentopf, and the amount received equally among the six recognized charities. GSG_Charities uses XRP TipBot along with some variations which allow the bot to display the split amount on the users account. The amounts are also displayed on the home page of the charity organization thereby increasing the transparency quotient.

Jason Langston of Children on the Edge, a charity working with crypto donations, says that transparency issues can be solved with XRP donations.

These XRP TipBot donations can make a huge impact on the lives of the people. However, most established charities dont accept digital currency donations; and that needs to change.

XRP TipBot brings transparency to the charity realm

Jason of Children on the Edge says that the XRP donations process is not only straightforward, but it is also transparent.

The XRP Tip Bot convenience further adds to the ease factor that helps promote their cause. Charities can also leverage on the constant rise in the XRP price thereby increasing the value of their donations.

However, despite the popularity of crypto donations, most people still stick to XRP donations.

Even charities also dont want to risk any exposure to exotic cryptocurrencies in donations. Craig Anderson from HKDH Charities says that they do accept other cryptocurrencies but remain very cautious.

Traditional finance does have its drawbacks when it comes to charities. Channels like XRP TipBot are changing all this with transparent, instant, and blockchain-powered donations.

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GoodSoulsGroup is a famous name in crypto donations that are changing the face of digital charitable organizations. This is a whole new yet exciting application of cryptocurrencies.

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